Ever since starting the market, we have been delightfully surprised as we learn how to use the produce in new ways! Did you know that you can eat the tops of eggplant? Well not only can you do that, but you can also eat the tops of carrots! In the recipe below we've taken carrot tops and turned them into pesto that (if we do say so ourselves) rivals any traditional pesto.


This makes so much pesto. You don’t realize how far pesto goes until you make a pound of it so bring some to dinner parties, new neighbors, or store some in the freezer!
— Cathryn Erbele


Carrot Tops from 1 whole bunch of carrots (We have so many lovely produce vendors at the Red River Market and many of them grow carrots with giant leafy tops so do yourself a favor and skip the grocery store when picking up these bad boys for the heaviest top-to-carrot ratio.)

2 handfuls of Basil, Parsley, or other greens of your choosing (These add a nice depth of flavor and we recommend using two types of greens when making any pesto recipe.)

1/2 c. Walnuts (Buttery, but cheaper than pine nuts, walnuts are our go to nut for pesto.)

1/4 c. Olive Oil

1.5 tsp Honey (In this recipe we used honey from Three Bears Honey - obviously - but make sure to not forget adding the honey! The slight sweetness balances out the bitterness of greens beautifully.)

1 clove of Garlic chopped

Hefty Pinch o' Salt (or 2 pinches, you know, to taste)


In a food processor or powerful blender combine all the ingredients. Pulse until smooth.

Et puis voila! Carrot Top Pesto!