Brittany Luthi at the Three Bears Honey Co. Booth, photo by M.Schleif Photography.

Brittany Luthi at the Three Bears Honey Co. Booth, photo by M.Schleif Photography.

With news articles blowing up your timeline about the impending dangers of a declining bee population, to the startling estimate of earth's timely demise without out little buzzin’ buddies around. The Fargo Moorhead area has its own ways of combating this problem.

What started as a fun hobby for Paul Luthi has blossomed into what is now over 40 years of experience. Paul started Three Bears Honey Co. roughly 15 years ago alongside his son Travis Luthi; turning something that was done for fun, into a full fledged business with Travis and his wife, Brittany, managing the booth at our market. Although, at the time bees were not a problem at the start of Paul’s endeavors with recent trends of declining bee populations, having a steady and healthy colony around to pollinate the strong hold crops of the community truly benefits everybody! But what is the story of the man behind the bee mask?

Paul’s passion for honey bees dates back to watching his grandfather who kept a few hives of his own. In his 20’s, he went to work for a commercial beekeeper and began buying hives of his own. With more honey then he knew what to do with the business took off. After large support from the farmers market Three Bear Honey co. has even managed to branch out and start selling products in local stores!

Both Paul and Travis enjoy how this career allows them to spend their days outside, and be one with nature. Aside from tending to the bees the actual honey process starts in late July, where its as simple as extracting the liquid gold, bottling it, labeling it and bringing it directly to you!

For the Three Bears Honey Co. family, the Red River market is more than just a place to sell their sweet products. Paul’s wife and Travis’s mother, Lori, who passed away from cancer about seven years ago, was heavily involved in the Fargo-Moorhead area markets. Travis remarked “It amazes me how many people still remember her involvement and will comment about it. It shows that you’re not just selling a product, you're building a relationship and uniting the community.”  

If you haven't yet, make sure to stop by their stand for a free sample and maybe support a local farmer. You won’t BEE disappointed! 🐝