Photo by M.Schleif Photography.

Photo by M.Schleif Photography.

From movie theaters to homes all across america, popcorn has buttered its way into our hearts.

As time has gone by we’ve seen movies try and shake things up. Things like 3D, Blu ray, VR and even the new “choose your own adventure” seen in the black mirror episode “Bandersnatch”; however when it comes to our  tried and true go to food we haven't seen much deviation… That is until Katie and Coltan Gehring discovered a unique twist to preparing our beloved movie time snack.

Popcorn popped right off the cob. What seems like at first glance to be to be more work for the consumer, actually comes with a large background of careful and meticulous harvesting and years of trial and error leading to perfection in the product. It all started when the couple started growing popcorn as a hobby. Colten already farmed wheat and beans, so the opportunity to add popcorn to the harvest presented itself.

Their first batch was wildly successful and with more cobs then they knew what to do with,they decided to package up the surplus as their own wedding favors! To their surprise, the little hobby was a HUGE hit. With a new boost of confidence and backing of many hungry consumers, the two decided to take the next step and registered with Minnesota Grown and applied for the 2017 Red River Market under the new name “Farmer’s Gold Popcorn”.

Only after a few events, Farmer Gold’s Popcorn dug its’ roots into the market becoming an easily recognizable stand to many and all. Katie remarked “Through the market we have had the opportunity to expand into local retailers and most importantly connect with our customers face to face! We have SO MANY grandparents come to us for the nostalgia of growing up having homegrown popcorn on the farm! Endless stories of having to shuck the kernels off by hand until your palms were raw and blistered. We love that they can buy our popcorn to teach their grandkids how it really grows and share those memories together”.

What really makes this product stand out is the attention to detail in making a perfect batch. “The popcorn can take anywhere from 90-100 days to fully mature which makes it a challenge to grow this far north. After many trial and error, we have found the varieties that we prefer for their yield and taste. We harvest in October after the stalks have dried and the kernels have hardened. Each cob has to be picked by hand so it is not damaged through traditional harvesting methods (which is why loose kernels are the standard in popcorn). We then dry the cobs in small batches until they reach the correct moisture for popping. Each kernel has encapsulated a small amount of moisture that turns to steam when heated in the microwave and 'pops' the kernel inside out! Then each batch is tested, cleaned of any silks or husk, and sized for uniformity in the packages. We print our own labels, and package each one by hand. It's a true labor of love from seed to bowl” they explained.

With so much work going into the product its clear why it’s a hit with so many people coming back each week. If you haven't yet, we encourage you go out and try it for yourself.  Whether you pick up a three pack for family movie night or you want to mix it up with a unique girt. Either way we think you’ll be aMaized! 🌽