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“We felt America was due for a shift in wellness ~ the kind our great grandparents lived.”

Living in the future that is 2019, most people think health and nutrition should be looked at with a more future focused lens; while the company Steep Me a Cup of Tea believes the answer to our health comes a bit more... natural!  

“Functional nutrition and functional fitness are the beliefs that drive Steep Me a Cup of Tea.  We have been building a business that has been patiently and painstakingly tested as something that was never offered in a class. We started out with over two years of research into what teas and herbs are capable of.” And they’re not wrong! With countless articles online boasting the simple yet beneficial effects tea has on a person it’s no surprise to see a crowd wanting to try unique cup of tea at the market.  With a nice boost from a small dose of caffeine and the option for a pinch of sugar, It’s a nice alternative compared to other energy drinks out there that might make you feel like your hearts about to jump out of your chest. But they’re not all just fruity cups of energy they also have other remedies for when your not feeling so hot..Kick Ur Kold, Throat Therapy, Anxiety, Insomnia, Calming Hug just to name a few

 It sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s not.The owners Jerry and Terisina put a lot of time and detail into crafting their specialty blends,  “We don't just throw together herbs and teas and assume they are done. We have all of our teas go through testing and tweaking to ensure we are getting the best taste that is all natural - no flavorings - and making sure the tea tastes meld together.  With our remedy teas...the testing goes well over a year and we have approx 100 people test the blends. We check for allergic reactions and effectiveness. When we start to see results working for over 60% of the testers, we will add it to our shelves for others to use. We take a lot of time and care in ensuring a great effective product.” 

11 years strong into their endeavor, Jerry and Terisina are usually running the market booth each Saturday.  “We like to interact with our customers and find that meeting new people that the market venue brings is very important to us.  We love market days and are always looking forward to seeing every customer old or new. We do usually get a lot of questions asked of us about our remedy teas and it is nice to be present for those inquiries.  We pride ourselves on great customer service and want to be able to help everyone that we see.”

Next time you're at the market and want a little pick me up, feeling a bit down or want to try something a bit more natural. Stop by “Steep Me a Cup of Tea” for a qualiTea blend that will leave you satisfied. guaranTea’d ☕️.