logo design by  Cathryn Erbele

logo design by Cathryn Erbele

We have some exciting news! On September 1st there will be an UGLY Food Potluck hosted by the lovely folks over at Drekker Brewing to celebrate the use of "ugly food". 


What, pray tell, is "ugly food"? Well, it is first and foremost a movement with an answer to food waste. Ugly foods are those foods which consequently get thrown away instead of finding their way onto shelves at grocery stores, farmers' market stalls, and on plates at restaurants due to their less than perfect appearances. (Think misshapen apples or multi-pronged carrots.) What started in France has become a worldwide movement and Fargo is getting on board.

On Tuesday, Sept. 1 from 5:30-7pm, we invite you to join us at Drekker Brewery for a family-style potluck. Please bring a dish to share featuring your favorite ugly food from your own garden, the Red River Market or your favorite local grocery. Prizes will be given out for the “ugliest” food, as well as the best tasting dish. 

For those unable to make a dish, we will have a suggested donation of $5 to support the Red River Market. This event is free and open to the public. Please join the conversation and share photos of your favorite “ugly food” on social media using #FMuglyfood.

To get pumped up about the event, please enjoy this awesome video by TEDxManhattan that reveals how we can change the world by not overlooking those fruits and veggies who are beautiful on the inside.