The Red River Market

Heres is where ill put the background info on the Market. Who what when where and why.

Meet The People

Annie Scheving

Annie Scheving is a Fargo Moorehead native. with her organizational skills and talents she is in charge of planning the set up of the market, helping out vendors the day of the market as well as handling the communications for the group.

If you’re interested in joining the market, helping out, or have any further questions feel free to reach out, Annie won’t bite (maybe).

Joe Burgum

Joe Has done many things, been to many places and conquered all of them.

When asked the questions "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?" he simply replied, I’ve never met an immovable object.

Meet Joe YT.png

Simone Wai

Simone Wai is a community builder and co-founder of Folkways, the company that host the market. and graduated with a degree in marketing and business from the University of Minnesota

Though a graduate with a business degree, the theme of her career has been working with artists, musicians, makers, and creators of all kinds. In her work and life, Simone revels in creating moments of wonder and magic in everyday life. At Folkways, she uses these immersive experiences to solve problems in the community like workforce retention, economic vitality, and communal belonging. Her most notable being Alley Fair, Red River Market, Night Bazaar, a Canoe Parade, and a German style Christmas market.

Steve French

Steven French is Community Activator at Folkways, with a focus around the administrative, production
and operational needs for the team.

A Salt Lake City, UT native. A background in brand mobile experience
design, as well as tour management for musicians working out of New York City. Steve has a passion for
gardening and community building.

Whitney Oxendahl

Whitneys the Goat ‘nuff said